Company Profile


The dynamic presence of PRIME INSURANCE in the Cyprus insurance sector commenced in 1999 with the founding of INTERLIFE INSURANCE. Due to the expansion of the Company's operations in Greece following its merger with DEMCO INSURANCE in 2011, it was renamed PRIME INSURANCE.

Since its establishment, the Company set as a major goal the provision of high quality insurance programs and services, with a customer-oriented approach, accountability and long-term consistency for satisfying the increased demands of modern society. Its experience, know-how and strong shareholding structure helped the Company follow a continuous course of development and progress. Within a few years the Company attained an outstanding position due to its contribution to the economy and society; PRIME has become synonymous to life, health, liability and property insurance. The Company received the public’s full confidence through the quality and reliability of the insurance products offered and its substantial contribution to the development of the Private Insurance Sector in Cyprus.

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